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Geo News TV
Geo News TV
Negara:  Pakistan
Kategori: Tv Berita
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4 suara
Geo TV was established in May 2002. Test transmission started on 14th August 2002 and regular transmission began on 1st October, 2002. Geo TV is the first South Asian Urdu language channel
Arrahman-Arraheem TV  Pakistan / Tv umum
Arrahman Arraheem Network is a globally broadcast, non-profit organization based in Pakistan. Our mission is to promote the true spirit of Islam,

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5 suara
Hadi TV 3  Pakistan / Tv umum
With the grace of Almighty (SWT), an initiative has been taken of launching a satellite television channel to spread the true teaching of Prophet

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3 suara
WAQT News  Pakistan / Tv Berita
WAQT is a proud new member of the Nawa-i-Waqt group. Editorially independent and backed by the largest news correspondent network in Pakistan, WAQT

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1 suara
Dunya TV  Pakistan / Tv Berita
Dunya News is an Urdu language news and current affairs television channel from Pakistan.

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5 suara
Samaa News TV  Pakistan / Tv Berita
SAMAA is Pakistan's premier Urdu ''News & current affairs'' channel with a philosophy of bringing unbiased and factual information and analysis

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2 suara
ARY Qtv  Pakistan / Keagamaan
ARY QTV is a Pakistani television channel with a Sunni Islam religious focus, producing programs mainly focusing on the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jama'at

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4 suara